At the time of the issue in 2010 Paypal withheld up to $648 citing fake reasons for not allowing funds to be released.

They have gradually but surely deducted "fees" over the past 10 years to what is now $303 The account is still blocked 10 years later however technical support always responds with the same procedure on how to withdraw the funds even though the account is still blocked.

The only reason why Paypal has not made the balance $0 is because it would be too obvious that they have stolen the funds.

During the years up to 2012 this was Paypal MO. Once your funds reached $500 to $600 they would steal your money knowing you would never ever get it back

Following many class action lawsuits Paypal changed their policy not to allow mass action lawsuits this allowed Paypal to steal at will knowing that individuals would not bother to sue Paypal for a few hundred dollars

Paypal has amassed billions of dollars with this criminal scheme, they cannot be touched by any government or legal system anywhere in the world

All Payment systems cheat, however Paypal is the worst of all as they steal ALL your money rather than just SOME of your money.

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